Manufacturing / R&D

Precise Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Inc. provides the advanced manufacturing capabilities and processes that create quality specialty and generic products. Precise is amongst the world's largest manufacturers of products in its chosen areas. .

Plant - Precise Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

B.T./211, Mangolpuri Indl. Area, Phase-1, Delhi-83, India.

- Forms the hub of Precise's competencies in cephalosporins and ACE-Inhibitors.
- Manufactures both APIs and finished dosages.
- Manufactures both oral and injectable cephalosporins.


Implementing best-of-industry practices and conforming to globally accepted standards in our processes and procedures Improving continually, our manufacturing techniques - through in-house R&D, customer feedback and employee feedback Maintaining a competent workforce that is committed to deliver services with the highest levels of integrity. Achieving cost-effectiveness for our customers through continual innovation and pragmatic use of technology.

- Research is and will continue to be the main driver for success of Precise Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
- Research is the foundation upon which Precise Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd will participate in a variety of therapeutic areas.

Technology Focus (GMP)

- Good Manufacturing Practices..

New Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS).

- Oral controlled release systems (OCRS).
- Advanced drug delivery systems (ADDS).

Poly Pacakings

The Poly Packing is unbreakable & safe for Eye-Drops, Ear Drops & Syrups, made to preserve harmful rays & bacteria attack .

Blister Packaging

Blister pack is a term for several types of pre-formed plastic packaging used for pharmaceuticals medicines i.e. tablets, capsules & injectables etc. The main advantages of the plastic-based blister pack are its more compact size compared to cold formed aluminum and its transparency to see the product.

New Chemical Entities (NCE)

Our new chemicals Entities are: Aceclofenac, Cephalexin & Probencid, Oranidazole, Carbonyl Iron, Chromium Picolinate, Calcitrol, Lycopene, Lactoluse.