Environment Safety

As a responsible corporate citizen, we take full cognizance of the hazards of environmental pollution. We believe that our operations will be sustainable only if safety, health and environment management are integrated into production processes and manufacturing practices. We believe that maintaining the ecological balance is as important as business objectives.


We are committed to protect the environment and prevent pollution at every stage of product development and manufacture.

We are committed to develop and maintain voluntary safety, environment and health standards that exceed statutory requirements.

We constantly strive to reduce the impact of our business on the environment by stressing on prevention of pollution and on choice of clean technologies.

We enforce strict control over effluents, atmospheric releases and solid wastes by training the entire workforce of our organization.


We at Precise Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. are committed to provide safety by designing, developing and operating manufacturing processes, in a way that prevent accidents and control any consequences affecting our staff, local population or the environment.

We constantly strive to reduce any indirect effects that products may have on humans and environment.

Every employee of Precise Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. takes ownership of the safety policy and diligently contributes towards implementing it.

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